Our Story

The founder and chief executive of Farrago Beauty Products is Renata Dolezal. Below Renata talks about Farrago Beauty Products’ origins and inspirations, and the philosophy that guides her business.

As a professional, I’ve built my reputation on giving my clientele the best possible hair care experience. Now I’ve created a line of hair care products that can enable you to re-create that experience at home. My focus is healthy, vibrant, natural-looking hair. I’ve always believed that if I can bring out your hair’s beauty and vitality in the salon, you should be able to do likewise at home.

Farrago was founded on a simple philosophy: providing the best products our world has to offer to nurture, protect and beautify your hair, and creating a perfect match between your hair’s unique characteristics – and our distinctive products. Farrago hair care products are designed with the best ingredients, and I’ve selected and combined them based on my expertise with hair — and in consultation with numerous friends and experts in the hair care business who I greatly respect.

Personal Inspirations
… Looking back at my childhood, I see glimmers of some of the things that influenced my later choice to become a hairstylist and create my own hair care line. I grew up on the beautiful Croatian coast. As a young girl, I loved doing my hair, and enjoyed my curly mane, made ultra-curly by the sea air and seawater I frolicked in all summer.

… My grandmother taught me the value of hard work. She lived next door, and expected us to begin our chores the minute we woke up. She made her own soap out of natural ingredients, and I was so impressed by this – and was later inspired by this memory as I began thinking about creating my own line of shampoos and conditioners.

… A close family friend who was my godmother once asked me to do her hair. She was pleased with my work, and I realized I had a talent for it. But not until many years later did it occur to me that care could be my profession. In retrospect, I see that my godmother was in fact my first “client.”

Professional Inspirations
… Over my years as a hair stylist, I gradually discovered which products worked best for my clients. One thing became clear: there wasn’t a single product line or brand that I preferred or that I could count on as consistently good for all hair needs. For shampooing, I might go to one line, for styling, to another. And so on. Paul Mitchell for this, Alterna or Redkin for that. The only consistent line was Matrix SoColor – and that was for coloring only.

… Since my earliest years as a hair stylist, I followed the progression of my favorite brands. I watched these small boutique companies – such as Paul Mitchell and Matrix – that were once only available in beauty supply shops grow into megabrands that are now available all over. This made me realize that my dream of creating my own hair care line might actually be feasible.