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Born in the Czech Republic and raised in Croatia, Renata emigrated to the U.S. at the age of 17, married and raised a family here. For nearly 30 years, she’s been a hairstylist in the Northeast Los Angeles communities of La Canada and Montrose. Renata has two grown daughters, Mimi and Tina, and four delightful grandchildren. She makes her home in Glendale.

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A few things you may not know about Renata
… When I was a schoolgirl, every day I got to school by boat – a small ferry boat ride from my coastal village and the school, just across the shore.

… A Croatian friend living in LA used to ask me to do her hair when she had a special occasion or job interview. She loved my work and she complimented me. “You make it look so easy,” she said. “Why not turn this skill into a business?” A few weeks later, I enrolled in Beauty School.

… I decided to go into business for myself and to become a hair care professional for two main reasons: to develop a way to support myself and my children in case I lost my husband to death or divorce; and to make enough extra money to help out my Mom, who lived back in Croatia.

… Though I took a couple of English classes back in high school in Croatia, I learned most of my English by watching soap operas on TV. While my kids were napping in the other room, I’d knit and do my best to understand the dialogue.


As a hair care professional, I have built my name and reputation by providing my clientele the best hair care experience. I am grateful and blessed to share Farrago Hair Care products with you.


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Tomás sees himself as an artist whose medium is hair. His outstanding wash and wear styles have great appeal to woman and men on the go who want a stylish, flattering style that requires a minimum of maintenance.

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Tomás, who graduated from Glendale Community College with an Associate of Arts degree, drew inspiration from the great masters of classical fine art – da Vinci and Micahelangelo. “These men were driven by their hunger and their passion for beauty,” he says. “They are my inspirations. My scissors are my chisel, the hair my marble.”

Following college, Tomás studied with the best. An eight-week comprehensive course at Vidal Sassoon Academy gave Tomás the opportunity to observe the great Christopher Brooker. A six-month advanced cutting program at Sassoon on Rodeo Drive included an apprenticeship with the famous Henry Able, and twelve weeks at ABBA Hair Cutting.

In August, 1991, Tomás opened his own salon, calling it Tomás Hair Salon, at 3824 Ocean View Boulevard in Montrose. In 2013, Renata Donezal joined Tomás as partners, and the salon was renamed Farrago Beauty.


Regarding style in cutting, Tomás says, “It’s not what you take off, it’s what you leave on that creates design.” Suitability and versatility are key words in hair design. Tomás prides himself in deftly combining geometry with softness, creating personalized styles for each person. Texture and movement are incorporated for a fresh youthful appearance. Tomás’ infectious enthusiasm is reflected in the dynamic individual styles he creates, year in, year out.